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Traditional Textiles
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In the "Eleni Kastrinoyannis" store, the tradition of traditional weaving lives on and is renewed with each new creation. The traditional fabrics sold by the store are a living narrative of the history and culture of Crete.

Each weaving is a small art in itself, made with love and passion by excellent local artisans. Every design, every color, every weaving technique transports us to an era rich in tradition and history.




  traditional fabrics  

The traditional fabrics we offer in our shop include the well-known Cretan "stamniotika", "sfakiana", "kalcheta", "vasilika" and many others that highlight the craftsmanship and craftsmanship of local weavers.

Using traditional weaving machines and high-quality materials such as cotton and wool, each piece of fabric found in our store is a unique creation, ready to accompany you in every look or decorate your space with uniqueness and sophistication.



  Each purchase from our store is a journey into the rich cultural heritage of Crete, a journey that combines the past with the present and creates a unique piece of your own personal history.  
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